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Please, read the whole section, before attempting to install the theme.
it is recommend to always backup your system before making any upgrades or changes!

Installation↑ Back to Top

- Go to "Design -> Theme Store"
- Here three variants are available of "Metrocart theme"

1. Electronics(default)
2. Tools
3. Autoparts
4. Fast-Food

Here you will see 4 variants presets in Design -> Theme Editor -> Theme Settings -> View presets than after select any presets that you want to apply your theme store and click on install button. By default, Electronics preset is installed.


Featured Products↑ Back to Top

- Go to "Design -> Featured Products", Here you will see number of products are available.
- Click on "Add Product" button at top-right corner, and choose product that you want to assign as featured product.



Blogs↑ Back to Top

To add blog go to backoffice -> "Blogs".
Click on "Add a blog" button.


To add articles, for that go to "Blogs -> Articles" than click on Add article button.
and blog image size must be (870px x 564px).


After that you can see blog above the footer area.

Brand↑ Back to Top

To add Brand, go to Products -> Brands.
Click on Add Brand button.


Theme customize Setting↑ Back to Top

for theme customization, go to Design -> theme settings


1. Background↑ Back to Top

Background section contains all changes about to the body background, header, navigation nd footer.


This contains background-position, topbar, header, footer colors and position of background.

2. Typography↑ Back to Top

- Typography section contains changes about to the fonts available in theme store.
- To set theme heading font, body font, highlight, button, top bar, footer, header, body text colors.


3. Slider↑ Back to Top

Default homepage slider settings.
- this settings contains slider image, position, URL, title, subtitle and title, subtitle color. (slider image size must be 1903px x 650px)


4. Presets Menu↑ Back to Top

Default Menu settings.
- this preset menu settings contains preset image, URL, title.


5. Category Feature↑ Back to Top

category feature homepage slider settings.


6. CMS Banner↑ Back to Top

CMS banner contains settings related to banner.
- CMS banner added banner image, title, subtitle, text that you can modified as per your requirement.


1) banner1 image size: 495px x 330px
2) banner2 image size: 495px x 330px
3) banner2 image size: 495px x 330px

7. Testimonial Block↑ Back to Top

Testimonial Block contains settings related to testimonials.
- testimonial block added customer image, customer name, customer designation, cutomer review text.


1) customer image size: 100px x 100px

8. Services Block↑ Back to Top

Services Block contains settings related to Services.
- it added service image, service title and service description text.


1) service image size: 50px x 50px

9. Left Banner↑ Back to Top

Left banner contains settings related to sidebar banner.
- Left banner that display at sidebar of homepage as well as collection page and product page also that includes right banner image.


1) leftbanner image size: 315px x 450px

10. Bottom Banner↑ Back to Top

Bottom banner contains settings related to bottom banner.
- bottom banner that display after testimonial in homepage.


1) bottom banner image size: 1540px x 300px

11. General settings↑ Back to Top

Logo : Logo settings contains logo of theme store.
- Here you can upload theme logo, footer logo and theme favicon.(logo image size must be 220px x 55px)


Contact Details : Contact details contains contact information of theme store.
- Here you add your company name, description, phone number and Email text.


Social : Add your URLs to specific social media to show the icons in the footer. Other than that leave blank.


Product Image size settings : product image size settings contains size of product.
- Here you can modified your theme product image dimensions, in the format of (height x width x 1).


At last, everything has been completed, Just upload your real product image then your theme will look like our theme.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our support from TemplateTrip Help Center

Thank you for purchasing our theme :)

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